103-A | Jennifer

As he stepped towards her with the syringe, she opened her mouth and said, “Inject yourself first…. Why don’t you.”  The words trembled from her mouth as she mustered the courage to say them. This is the stuff of nightmares she thought as he continued to step towards her.

“Certainly, I enjoy a good hangover cure,” he said with a slight gleam in his eye. He proceeded to roll up his the sleeve of his shirt and pressed the tip of the needle to his skin.

As the needle began to prick his skin, Jennifer felt herself start to sway.  Her vision slowly curled up and turned the black.  The last thing she felt was the trembling fear of impending doom.

She sat up quickly. Her bed soaked with sweat. The light from the window streamed in momentarily blinding her eyes.  As her eyes began to adjust she saw the familiarity of her room, she slowly started to breathe and recovered from what was the most intense nightmare she had had in a while.

The night before was a blur, and the floating vagaries of the dream permeated her mind.  She couldn’t get the glinting look of the man in her dream out of her head. As she pulled herself out the pool of her sweat, she began to put herself together, but the vision of the man would not leave her alone.

Picking up her handbag she exited her apartment and began her commute to work, and while she didn’t drive and most days she merely walked to work but today she missed the alarm, worked up late and forced to take the bus.

As she stood at the bus stop, a slow drizzle began, and as the rain quickly soaked thru her clothes, she cursed her luck for having left without her umbrella. Finally, Bus C-607 pulled up, and as the doors opened, she saw the driver and immediately trembled with fear.

It was the man from the nightmare.  She knew it was him. As their eyes locked, she felt frozen in place not knowing what to do.

How does this Story continue?

“Greg Writes a Story with You” Is a series of short stories where I write them with your help. In a “choose your own adventure” fashion vote on my facebook page for how you would like to see this story continue.

Option 1 | Jennifer gets on the bus.

Option 2 | Jennifer walks to work.


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