102-A | Jennifer

As Jennifer stood in the bathroom looking at the man in whose house she found herself.  She quickly looked down at the sink and gripping it my the sides asked the very honest question.

“What happened last night?” She said with a bit of timidity.  She was fearful not only of the situation but also fearful to learn what had happened.  All she remembered was bits and pieces but no clear path from the bar to this place.

“That’s an interesting tale,” Nicholas said with a gleam in his eye.

Jennifer backed slowly away from him. Deeper into the bathroom she went. Trying to rationalize herself in this situation.  Trying to control her breathing…

“You bumped into me at the bar…” he said, “ spilled an entire pitcher of beer on me…  You had bolted from the bathroom and without paying any attention ran straight into me.”

“You offered to repay me and I told you it was alright. I could tell you were pretty drunk and so I took you to a corner table and we talked all night.” As he spoke he matched Jennifer’s steps and followed her into the bathroom. Reaching the sink he opened the medicine cabinet and slowly pulled out a black case. “until closing time,  then I walked you to a cab but you couldn’t say where you wanted to go. So, I brought you back here and on the ride, you passed out.”

As he held the black case over the sink and the words sunk in, Jennifer tried not to scream.  His story of the night before made sense. It was innocent. Almost too innocent.  Whatever was he doing holding that black case? Time seemed to slow down as she fought to find words with which to respond.  All she could think of was that Nickolas was about to kill her.

As she internally panicked she found herself clutching the edge of the bathtub as she sat on the lip.  “Are you feeling alright… Your probably a bit hung over.” He slowly unzipped the case and pulled out a needle. Terror filled her little soul.  This was it she thought. This is how it ends.  At the hand of a serial killer…

“I’m a doctor,” he calmly said filling the syringe with a vial that he pulled out the case. “This should help with the hangover.  I keep some on hand for when I party as much as you did last night.”

As he stepped towards her with the syringe, she opened her mouth to say”….

How does this Story continue?

“Greg Writes a Story with You” Is a series of short stories where I write them with your help. In a “choose your own adventure” fashion vote on my facebook page for how you would like to see this story continue.

Make your choice and continue reading!

Option 1 | Jennifer responds, “Inject yourself first…. Why don’t you?”

Option 2 | Saying nothing she kicks him in the shin and runs for the door.

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