101 | Jennifer

Eeeeeeennn…. Eeeeeeeeennn…. Eeeeeeeeeennn…

The alarm buzzed again and again. Its sound felt like an oppressive echo in the room. With a quick slash of her slender arm, Jennifer silenced it and pressed her face deeper into her pillow.  She had not slept much that night. Paralyzed with thoughts of failure, unable to live up to the standard of her father she lay night after night with her eyes closed and her mind racing.  The alarm was an unwelcomed disturbance as she wished the that the day would not come.

Slowly, ever so slowly Jennifer began her to extract herself from the lonely comforts of her bed. Another day had dawned and with it, the weight of her guilt pulled her down.

‘Good morning’ whispered a man.

Confused Jennifer squinted in the morning glow and tried to make the contours of the shape standing at the edge of the bed.  His voice was low but with a youthful note and he stood in the shadows unrecognizable to her. His name escaped her as she struggled a shy smile.

‘Ugh,’ she said as she gained her bearings stumbling towards the bathroom. It was all Jennifer could think to do as she grappled with the identity of the man standing in her room.

The cold water of the sink began to bring back memories of the night before. The bar, her work, her phone.  ‘Where was her phone?’ she thought.

‘I hope I didn’t startle you,’ the man began to say, ‘but I spent the night on the couch, nothing happened, I only snuck into turn off the alarm.’

Jennifer sheepishly asked the only question that matter in the moment, ‘Who are you?’

The man answered, ‘I’m Nicholas, but you were determined to call me Michael all night.’

Nicholas spoke slowly, almost at a mumbled clip and Jennifer remembered who he was.  He had worn a beat-up flannel shirt the night before. Three beers in, she had accidentally bumped into him on the way to the bathroom, spilling his pint all over it. His hair was black like her husband’s used to be. Thick and wavy.

How does this Story continue?

“Greg Writes a Story with You” Is a series of short stories where I write them with your help. In a “choose your own adventure” fashion vote on my facebook page for how you would like to see this story continue.

Make your choice and continue reading!

Option 1: Jennifer asks the nice man what happened the previous evening as she seeks to gain her bearings?

Option 2: Jennifer excuses herself, shuts the door and makes a quiet escape via the bathroom window.

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