Truth vs. Power

Below are some interesting quotes from “Struggle Against the Gods” in a recent publication of First Things magazine.

This article was written by Gao Zhisheng, a human rights lawyer and activist in China who became a Christian and has been imprisoned, tortured, and mistreated by the Chinese government for years. He now is under house arrest and spends his days reading and writing vociferously. The article was both heartbreaking and beautiful, a not so gentle reminder of the pain so many go through each day at the hands of powerful tyrannies.

“I don’t feel there is a (Chinese) government. There are only developers and managers of hell. Acknowledging and respecting laws and regulations are the most basic features of governments. The law is the guarantee and foundation for a state to exercise control, and it’s the law that distinguishes a government from a gang. ”

“(A soldier) explained that his grandfather had told him as a young boy, ‘Whatever the party tells you, know that the exact opposite is true.’”

“Denial of the supernatural is a major reason why so many of my countrymen have become moral degenerates.”

“Property must not be public, rights must not be private. This is hard-won knowledge, but our nation has not yet accepted it and continues to ignore common human experience.”

“The paradise of power is the hell of rights.”

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