Conclusion | Pslam 47 – A Sermon part 5

This was a sermon originally written for a class but preached at Sunday night service at my church. It has fond memories for me because of one response during the prayer time by an old man. My method of preaching is to write a stream of thought transcript, refine it, memorize it. This is not written to be grammatically correct but more how I pondered the words to say during prep.


Let me bring this all together.  It has been engrained culturally in his, generation after generation to sing praise, to stand and clap, to rejoice when we witness some event worthy of great honor.  Whether it is a concert, or a football game, or a show, or a presidential speech.  Yet we often in church very rarely express that kind of emotional response.  Often the culture of the church there is expectation to be more subdued and to just sing along in the hymnal without feeling the emotions the tune was meant to draw on.

Pause, Pause

Yet isn’t it interesting that after a baptism, we give a loud round of applause, a standing ovation?

Are we after a baptism applauding what the baptize did?

No, we are applauding what God had done in that individual’s life.  The fact that the Son was sent to die and three days later rise, so that he might be the first fruits of and the king over the new creation, and that by his exodus, the one who has faith might be saved and brought into that new creation.

We also recognize the second point of this psalm that not only is a great king but the father is working to subdue the enemies of Christ and place all in subjection to him.  At baptism, we are recognizing that the individual is now under the lordship of Christ, not as a rebel but as an ally   and we rejoice and applaud that work of God

In baptism, we depict that the individual has died with Christ and has risen with him, and as it says in Colossians the new life, the resurrection life of the new creation is hidden in Christ. It is this life as a child of God in which we are blessed with an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and eternal.   And we rejoice and applaud that

The scriptures have a robust view of praise and worship to God; sometimes that involves the use of the instruments, or singing, and even in this psalm clapping.  The point is that God has done something amazing, something worthy of our devotion and praise for he is God.  The great king to be fear, the one who rules and reigns, and he who has given us every blessing in Christ.

2Corthians says that what is a great miracle a greater work is that he would shine his light in the hearts of sinful men, so much more so that the original light shining in creation pales in comparison.  And that work of God, demands our attention and demands our due praise.  And so let us sing and praise him


Let us pray

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