Greg Ponders With You

My 5th Grade teacher told my Mother that I should find a career in a think tank.  She proposed I should be given all the resources in the world and allow my mind the freedom to ponder things.

In pursuit of academia, I left a career in turf management and went to Westminster Seminary in California.  Thanks to the support of my lovely wife I was allowed to spend three years in uninterrupted ponderings. I now work with the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship and continued to ponder things. 

This will be a place of pondering. Both mine and yours.  I'll post some lengthy papers I've written and some short thoughts as well.  Ponder over them with me. 

If you have ponderings, send them my way at, and I'll ponder with you. Perhaps you'll see my thoughts on your ponderings right here...

#unScheduledThoughts Podcast